Physics O.O.M. #2

Dimensions: Nip Candy (I think its like a cylinder): 0.5 cm long and 2cm in diameter.

I doubt that the nips would fill the whole container because they are not a perfect sphere. They are somewhat oblong-shape or something, but has somewhat the dimensions of a cylinder. I’ll estimate it that with all the Nips in the container, around 80% of the container is filled (estimate only).

The net weight of the container is 100 grams (I think it is also an estimate).

V(nip)= o.5*1*pi= 1.57 cubic cm.

100g (80%)= 80 g

80*1.57= 125.6 (around 130 Nips), the magnitude is 10^2.  (1.256*10^2) <—— Scientific Notation


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