Mythology: An Understanding

Mythology was really an interesting theme during the Ancient Times. The early Greeks used mythology as a way of knowing; it became their religion. The gods were like masters to them. They devoted themselves to these gods because they believe these masters manipulate nature. The Greeks, then, feared the wrath of the gods because they would cause all of devastating calamities. This pattern would link to the story of man. The gods created man to become their servants. Man would always have to worship them so that the gods would remain happy. If they don’t pay homage to these gods, then their lives would be ended.

Mythology can sometimes be interrelated to religion. Some stories like the wrath of Zeus to man, which caused a relentless flood, could be similar to the story of Noah. Another similar story is where Hera kept Zeus away from Cronos so that he (Cronos) won’t eat him. This story can be related to the Escape of Joseph and Mary to Egypt to hide the baby Jesus. There was a turning point in mythology when a new religion came to the Greeks; this was Christianity. Through the belief of Jesus Christ, the Greeks then lost their trust and devotion to Zeus and the other gods, bringing an end to mythology.

“These bits of information from ancient times, which have to do with the themes that have supported human life, built civilizations, and informed religions over the millennia, have to do with deep inner problems, inner mysteries, inner thresholds of passage, and if you don’t know what the guide-signs are along the way, you have to work it out yourself. But once this subject catches you, there is such a feeling, from one or another of these traditions, of information of a deep, rich, life-vivifying sort that you don’t want to give it up.” —- Joseph Campbell, “The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers”

What struck me in this dialogue was how Campbell related modern society with that of mythology. He described myth not as a superstition but as a reality.

From this convincing dialogue, I learn that mythology should not be perceived as something fictional. Rather, we should sometimes treat mythology as something like a moral. Who knows, mythology can become a comparison to real life.

Mythology has really captured our insights of society and the modern world. It is with the help of mythology that it shaped the blueprints of the modern literature. Many young people nowadays appreciate the different mythology stories (i.e. Titans VS Olympians). Western literature has become more vast because of the new literature stories like Shakespeare. Yet, we must not forget mythology since it played a defining role in the history of literature.

To end, the modern society tend to forget how man’s nature came to be. Despite all the technology and new ideas, it all returns back to mythology. Mythology left us behind clues and unanswered phenomena that may lead us to become a better civilized society.


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