Electron Arrangement

From the different websites about electron configuration, I have learned the following:

1) The 4 sets of quantum numbers are like the “address” or “location” of the electron.

2) Each energy level has a fixed maximum number of electrons.

3) All noble gases have filled energy orbitals or energy levels.

4) The principle quantum number tells the energy level of the element or the size of the atomic orbital.

5) The momentum quantum number tells the subshell of the electron or the shape of the atomic orbital.

6) The magnetic quantum number tells the spin of the atomic orbital or “direction”.

7) Electron density relates to how much of an electron’s charge is packed into a given volume. In dense places on the dot-diagram, there is a high concentration of electrical charge. (http://library.thinkquest.org/3659/structures/shapes.html)

8) As the energy level increase, the energy orbital becomes more complex in shape, meaning to say it would be harder to tell where the electrons lie.

9) Each sublevel holds twice the electrons. (for example, if your energy level is at p, which has 3 orbitals, then it can hold 3*2 or 6 electrons maximum).

10) The noble gases can be used to refer for the electron configuration of larger atoms


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