Mystery of My Name

From my research, I can say that this can be the origin of my name because of some reasons. One, I am Chinese and the origin of my middle name shows it. I couldn’t believe my last name came from Arabic since I knew it was a Filipino word.

From this activity, I can say that it was interesting to know the origin of my name even if it isn’t. It was quite surprising at the different websites that reveal different meanings and origins of my name. If I were to choose the origin of my name, it would be from a great hero of a great nation. I chose this kind of origin because I want to be able to help others and bring to them justice. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mystery of My Name

  1. Another “John” brother is in our midst.

    Join our ranks:
    -Glendon Shane (John variant) Ng
    -Jon Ridge Ong
    -John Paolo So
    -John Cocabo
    -John Lu
    -(this space is reserved for anyone whom I’ve missed out on, please don’t hurt me)

    Trustworthy is right on the money.

    First, the teachers can all trust you to deliver. They’re right.

    Secondly, we can all trust you to shine in your own way. All you need is a little more time to get noticed.

    Now, on the topic of “Sea Friend”… that’s another story. 😀

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