Science and Knowledge

Learning science has been part of my education. It has developed the learning and understanding of my surroundings. I can say that science has changed the world around us for the past few decades since it has contributed a lot in society. We have discovered and accomplished new things with science. It became even more developed now with the help of technology. Yet, there are some other aspects of science that we are not certain of. One could be scientific theories. They keep on changing due to new discoveries and evolution. With a lot of changes on the different scientific theories, how will we know what the truth is? This is where certainty comes in. It is through certainty that we take into account these theories as true. This makes scientists feel that their theories are right.

We use sense perception as a way of knowing in discovering new things like sub-atomic particles of an atom. At the same time, we use sense perception to enable us to give either direct or indirect evidence of our findings. Technology can only take us far. We must use our gift of intelligence and ways of knowing in order to obtain answers beyond our capacity.

The atom is very significant in the different ways of knowledge because in order for us to understand the atom, we should use all 4 ways of knowing. We use these 4 ways not just to learn about the atom, but to admire the knowledge that this sole topic has. As a young self-learner, we use our emotion and sense perception in drawing an invisible world we call “atom”. An atom can be in different shapes and sizes, as we imagine. Our emotions can guide us on what we feel the atom looks like, while our sense perception gives us an idea on how it looks like.

The different knowledge we get from our experiments and questions we ask are important in the study of science. With these, we can fully understand the essence of the subject and get to know more information about a certain science. The different models and theories are merely tools of words that help us in the understanding of a certain topic. We must still use our ways of knowing for us to become more updated on new discoveries and accomplishments.

As time warps forward, theories change and new discoveries are made. It is our job as self-learners to relate these to our everyday surroundings and living. Many of us now depend on technology to answer our questions about the sciences and the unfamiliar phenomena. Yet, we must remember that science and knowledge are just some of the important tools needed in order for us to survive whatever is waiting for us tomorrow.


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