TOK Entry #2: Values or Certainty

Ever since I was a little boy, my parents has thought me different values and principles concerning life. Those have helped me become a better person. It is through these values that I become more certain of my well-being.

One of these values is that our parents are sources of good values. They are the ones who help us in distinguishing what is good and not. They are like our outside conscience. It is through them that we become better individuals as we pass the stage of adolescence. Another value that I am certain of is that a good start is half the success. This is the one that Fr. Johnny Go said during our first day of school. This belief helps me in becoming more responsible and focus on my studies.

These values are very important to me because they are worth living for. For me, life would be boring without such values and principles. Living a life of values is something I would cherish. It is with values and principles that I may be prepared to face the future ahead of me.


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