Monomyth Journey

Life for me has a meaning; a purpose. A purpose that I may not yet know. I remember a day where I question myself of my existence. Why was I born here? Is my existence a myth or reality? Am I just another character like those in TV shows and comic books? I may not be able to answer these questions, but I know for certain that there are several reasons why I exist. And that, I can describe through a term that was coined by Joseph Campbell, “monomyth”.

In life, there are different stages like childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. It is like a storyline of a epic hero. There would be the introduction, plot, climax, and the resolution. Many express how their life starts as a child. The different trials and calls they had to face in their everyday lives. I realize that my life could be a monomyth as well; a journey full of trials and calls just like an epic hero.

If I were to follow this “journey” as an epic hero, I could say that the “Road of Trials” is distinct in my entire life. Everyday, I would confront with the different “trials” and challenges in wherever I am. I could see these in the classrooms, at home, on the tennis court etc. These “roads” help me become more open and discover my inner potential.

I recall once during my tennis training sessions that I had to play for almost 2 hours straight without breaks. My father really wanted me to become a good tennis player someday so that he would be proud of me. In those 2 vigorous hours, I struggle to hit the ball as hard as I can. At the same time, making sure the ball always lands inside the box and not outside. After the strenuous training, I had to play one game of singles with a Class-A trainer. This made my body go rigid because I knew I could not defeat him. Yet, my father encourage me to play in order to see whether I learned or not. It was a tight match since I almost know 80% of the trainer’s skills in playing. Suddenly, my father proposed a challenge. If the trainer won’t be able to defeat at the score of 6-3 (the score then was 2-2), then he won’t get paid, but if he managed it, he will be paid double. This, I thought, will definitely boost the momentum of the trainer in playing for the money. Although his shots became more sharp and accurate, I still fought back. The score ended with me winning 7-5 (15-13). My father was proud of my winning and paid the trainer. I was surprised why he still paid the trainer even though I won. I fought so hard and almost panting like I ran a marathon. My father then told me that the purpose of the challenge is for me to bring out the best in me and not always give up. Even if there was no challenge, I should still give my 110% effort in the game just like an epic hero who must give 110% effort in defeating evil.

Surpassing the “Road of Trials”, I was able to gain new insights and wisdom that would help lead a step higher to success. Like the Journey of a Hero, I can surmount even further into discovering the reason of my existence and continuing the monomyth journey that I have.


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