TOK Entry #3: The Pioneer of Sense Perception

Life would never be momentous without our senses. Our senses are the ones that help us unearth the vast and immense world around us. Imagine yourself living in a world full of people without senses. Would there still be knowledge that we can gain? Can we live without our sense perception? I can say that our sense perception is what really keeps us unravelling the secrets and mysteries of our daily living.

For the past few days, I never sensed that I was experiencing a new chapter in my life as a normal human being. I felt that I was just in my commonplace working out my assignments for the day. But then I realized something, even out of the ordinary, I fumbled through my closed doors and saw the supplements of life. I applied the lesson during one of the TOK sessions, which is to savor. I savored the taste of my grandmother’s home-cooked chicken-pork adobo, breaded porkchop, roast pork, wonton (with tofu) soup and my mother’s home-cooked spaghetti. Just like Remy in Ratatouille, I savored the flavors and taste of each type of food. After that, I combined and tasted together the food. As I chewed on this new flavor, I felt a joie de vivre or zest in my mouth. Then, I felt that “cold feeling” you get when you come out of the shower after a bath. Finally, I sat down and started writing this TOK essay.

From what I wrote, sense perception is really sensitive and powerful when I fathom out reasons. It made me discover new things in detail and appreciate these findings. The surroundings around me are just mere reflections of awareness that I must work out on my own. Theses realizations reveal to me how significant sense perception is. We should always be on the lookout for new ideas that would bring the magic of our sense perception. As a way of knowing, sense perception would always give us subtle information, which can help us untangle and reveal the marvelous and fascinating world we live in today.


3 thoughts on “TOK Entry #3: The Pioneer of Sense Perception

  1. I get the same feeling the very moment I come out from the bathroom after a hot shower. Hot showers are the best, but the breeze afterwards is sort of annoying. HAHA!

    I don’t think that it’s subtle information. It just really depends on the person. Personally, I don’t have a knack for detail and the nitty-gritty of things. 😀

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