Molecular Structure of Covalent bonds

Chemistry Marshmallow Activity <——– Please click on the link to download the powerpoint slide show of the pictures.

Today, an activity was conducted on the models of covalent bonds or the VSEPR Theory. It shows how and where the electrons are placed. Yet, this depends on whether the atoms consist of lone pairs or bond pairs. If the model consists of bonded pairs, then the atoms are place in a certain proportion, such that the angle of each bond is the same with each other. But if the model have lone pairs, then the angle would not be in proportion. This is due to the greater amount of force from the lone pairs that repel the other atoms, which makes the angle of the bond pairs’  smaller.

Another insight is that the atoms are placed in such a way that they are far from each other like a 3-D image. Lone pairs would then exert some repulsion, while bond pairs will either repel or bond, thus making the repelling force of the lone pairs greater.

The angle of the bonds are angles that are made with the bond pairs. On the other hand, lone pairs would not make angles.


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