CAS Reflection #1: Music to My Ears

Music is vast. Everyone enjoys the sounds and voices of music. People would repeatedly play their favorite songs everyday to relieve the stress of the day. They would just sit back, put on the earphones, and play the different songs on their music players like ipods. Some would prefer to listen to music through means of musical instruments. I would sometimes spend a few minutes playing the piano. It has been nearly 10 years since I started playing this wonderful musical instrument.

It all began when I was still in elementary school. I enjoyed hearing famous classical music and songs by various composers. Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms are just some of those various composers that I know up to today. They were remembered for the individual contributions to classical music. Symphonies, waltzes, and rhapsodies are the just some of the songs that I can play in the classical world. These songs are sometimes originated from either the 3 composers. Nevertheless, I also play some contemporary music from the 80s and 90s. Recently, I attended a piano recital by Triworld. There were a lot of students prepared to play their favorite classical pieces. Some of them played really good, while others were exceptional. I, on the other hand, played a jazz and a modern song. I did not chose to play classical music because I wanted to play something different. Eventually, a lot of people applauded for my performance. I was amazed at this outcome because it was the first time I had a lot of applauses. Truly, music is very inspiring to those who put their heart into it.

Yet, I do not stop here. My goal for this year and the years to come is to play as more modern songs as possible. As I continue to learn and experience music, I will have created a world of my own; a musical world where it is music to my ears.

Total Number of Hours: 2 hours every Friday (the total for 2010-2011, excluding holidays, is 90 hours) <– June 2010 – June 2011


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