CAS Reflection #2: The Joy of Xavier Christmas

Christmas is drawing near as the “-ber” months fall in line. There are already a few stores, which are setting up for this special season. Here in Xavier, the Christmas Committee is responsible for the cheerful and very heart-warming feeling of Christmas for the whole Xavier community. There is no better committee who could set up a good joyful Christmas like this committee.

Every year, this committee would set up different decorations that would raise the Christmas spirit of every student and teacher. Different programs are made by the Christmas to bring joy and enhance the light within us. Ukay-ukay, X-store, and DediXS are just some of the programs initiated by the committee. It is also during the month of Christmas that our Lord Jesus Christ was born. During this season, it is the time for us to renew our faith and be ready for the coming of the Savior.

Among the different sub-committees, I chose to be with the Outreach Committee. In this committee, we are responsible for the different outreach programs. Some of which were already mentioned above. The main goal of the Outreach committee is to be able to bring the joy and spirit of Christmas not only just to Xavier, but also to the less-fortunate. Through our extended hands and compassionate hearts, we can truly bring the Christmas spirit to everyone around us.

As a member of the Outreach Committee, I will help in accomplishing the needed programs. I would want the whole committee to make this year’s Christmas in Xavier a truly memorable one.

Total Number of Hours: 2


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