CAS Reflection #3: Making the Shots !!

During the first semester, I felt excited of another year of PE. When I saw the list of our assigned sports, I was thrilled when I saw my assigned P.E. for the first semester, tennis.

As a tennis enthusiast, this is the sport that I wanted to learn the most. As I entered the tennis court, I was excited to try the sport that I longed to learn. Nevertheless, this sport is very familiar to me since my father plays the sport. On the first day of tennis, a fitness test was conducted among the students. It was called “Spider-Run”. In this fitness test, all of the students were tasked to collect all the tennis balls that are placed in 9 corners of the court: 2 at the front, 2 at the middle, and 2 at the baseline. I was called to do the test first and finished with a time record of 18.25 seconds. After the fitness test, all of the next sessions would be about the different skills in tennis.

The different strokes in tennis were taught to us during the next few sessions. Forehand, backhand, and service were among the skills taught to us. I, like many others, had a hard time with the backhand. Although the backhand requires the use of both hands, some tried to do the one-hand backhand like Roger Federer. After the basic teaching of the strokes, there were the skill tests. I was able to pass all of the skills tests and learned the different mistakes I made during the tests.

This overall experience of a new sport made me appreciate it even more. After all the different sessions and tests, I can really say that tennis is one sport that I enjoyed the most. Maybe one of these days, I will start learning this sport and be even better.

Total Number of Hours: 16 hours (total until June 2010 – September 2010)


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