Chemistry of S’mores

During Chemistry class, my fellow classmates and I made s’mores. From this simple activity, it would help us understand the next module, Stoichiometry. This lesson involves determining how much of reactants are needed (whether in moles or mass) to produce a well-balanced product.

The Graham crackers, chocolate squares, and marshmallows are considered as the reactants, while the s’more is the product. Part of our task was to get the mass of each ingredient (reactant).

Chocolate Square:  19.3 grams / Marshmallow:  8.2 grams / Graham Crackers: 17.8 grams   TOTAL:  45.3 grams

S’more:  45.3 grams

From the data gathered, it can be seen that the combined mass of the ingredients is equal to the mass of the product. After making another s’more, the chocolate bar was the limited reactant. All of the chocolate bars were used in making just ONLY 2 s’mores. On the other hand, both the marshmallows and Graham crackers were the excess reactants. There were still leftovers of marshmallows and Graham Crackers, but s’mores cannot be made without CHOCOLATE. Data was also gathered for the second s’more.

Chocolate Square: 19.3 grams / Marshmallow: 7.9 grams / 2 Graham Crackers: 16.9 grams  TOTAL:  44.10 grams

Mass of the S’more:  44.10 grams


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