CAS Reflection #4: Smash of the Future!!!

As the end of the first semester of P.E. draws closer, I reminisce the many difficult lessons that I endured during each class. One lesson I had a hard time in was the service. Service or “serve” is the most important shot in tennis. It is the shot that only you can control. By creating a good “serve”, you are able to get your opponent unprepared for his return shot. Also, with a good “serve”, you can advance towards the net, and finish the game with only less than 5 shots.

I tried my best to create a serve that comes with speed, power, and spin. For the speed part, all I have to do is swing my racquet and push the ball over the net for a split second. For power, I just have to hit the ball as hard as I can. The spin on the other hand is difficult because I have to hit the ball with the racquet at an angle and get the right timing to put it over the net. After countless serves, I still could not manage to make a serve that has all of these 3 aspects.

But then, I remember my father telling me something about sports. He told me that speed, power, and spin are 3 important things that would make a good serve. However, few of the greatest players of all time can do that. One of these people is Pete Sampras, who is known for making a perfect serve that only he knows how to make. My dad also told me that it is not important to have a strong, fast, and spinning serve to scare your opponent, but the fact that the ball lands on the “in” area and not the “out” area. This lesson struck back into my head that I had completely forgotten. After realizing this lesson, I went back into practicing my service.

As the 1st semester of P.E. ends, I realize now that I should always practice to achieve the things I want in life. By doing so, one day, I can become a great sportsman just like my father.

Total Number of Hours: 6 hours (total for October 2010)


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