CAS Reflection #6: GOAL!!!!

After a semester of P.E., another semester has started and new P.E sports of different students were posted on the ODS board. As I walked towards the ODS board, I saw my new sport for the second semester– football. I was happy since this is second time I will get football as my P.E. sport. I was very enthusiastic about playing football again after the annual intramural. Most of my friends and classmates were placed under this sport.

Just like my previous P.E. (tennis), I am also not familiar with the sport, football. Basically, I know that in football, the players just kick the ball towards the goal of the opponent. However, this requires different strategies like passing to an open man, kicking at a good angle, or maybe, trick shots. These, I thought, were some important key factors that can help one win in a football match.

The first meeting started out with a friendly match. The class was then divided into 2 groups. All of us were eager to play a game even if it was just the first meeting. As the match was about to begin, I saw that our team is at a disadvantage. This is because most of my teammates are beginners, even though we had one varsity player. However, we believed that we can still win the game if we all cooperate.

The whistle from the coach signalled the start of the game. Our team began with the kick-off. As we battled towards the defense of the opponent, we were blocked by various mid-fielders and defenders. Eventually, the ball was kick towards our side and the opponent started to attack. After a few minutes have passed by, we started to attack once again. As my teammate dribbled the ball towards the goal, I called out to him to pass it to me. He kicked the ball towards the right side of the field where I stood. As I received the ball, I saw that I am halfway towards the goal. After a few steps, I kicked the ball with all my strength. The scene was like slow motion playback of a video. I saw the ball flying towards the goal of the opponent. For a fraction of a second, we all thought it was just an air ball, but we were wrong. By the effect of gravity, the ball started to fall down, yet the angle was too far from the goal post. Both the goalie and I thought that it won’t go in, however, the ball pummeled straight down towards the corner of the goal post, going inside of the net; it was a goal. We were all amazed at the shot I just made. Everyone on my side of the team cheered loudly. I couldn’t believe it! I actually scored our team the first goal. The score became 1-0, with us leading.

The match continue all throughout the afternoon. Eventually, I scored another goal for our team, but it was near the goal post. At last, our teacher blew the whistle, which signalled the end of the game. The score ended 2-0 and we were all tired. I was exhausted after all the kicking and running, yet I felt that having to play with my friends is something that I could not forget. Even if it was just the first day, it was a very fun experience of playing football.

Total Number of Hours: 10 hours (total for the 2010: 3rd Quarter)


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