CAS Reflection #7: A Happy Christmas Program

Last December 17, 2010, the Christmas Committee (2010-2011) worked hard this year to make this year’s Christmas in Xavier successful. There were a lot of preparations that had to be done like the props, the stage, the sounds, etc. Everyone was busy getting everything ready for the next day’s presentation.

Before every Christmas program, the whole Xavier High School community had the annual Agape in each of their classrooms. This was always planned by the CLE department to remind the community the reason for celebrating Christmas. In each Agape, each class had a mini-prayer service, which they made. After the prayer service, everyone would eat the food that they brought. However, the members of the Christmas Committee were instructed to go down 1 hour before the program to make the final preparations.

During the Christmas program itself, all of the members of the committee were moving around checking and making the final preparations. I was assigned to different locations by the heads to either gather some other materials or help out in fixing props. Basically, it was the combination of the Christmas Committee and the Production Crew, who are making and preparing the last parts of the program. It was hectic as I could have imagined. Many of us were worried, especially the moderator, that the program might be unsuccessful. However, as the program was about to start, things were going smoothly as planned. Everyone was noisy and cheering the different performances that are happening on stage.

I was amazed at the speed and adrenaline of both the Christmas Committee and Production Crew members. In the process of working with others, I made some new friends and learned that Committee is more difficult than I thought. The work as a Committee member has thought me various things. Some of which can help me in the future. I realize now that working with others can constitute a mutual understanding between individuals.

Total Number of Hours: 20


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