CAS Reflection #9: FoXSilized–The Nightmare Lives on G-Street

Last February 5 and 6, Xavier School held the annual school fair entitled FoXSilized. This year’s theme made each individual reverted back in time; the time of the Stone Age. There were various booths that got into the theme. Some dressed up as cavemen, while others involve hitting a dinosaur. However, what made this fair truly memorable for me was my section’s booth, NIGHTMARE ON G-STREET.

NIGHTMARE ON G-STREET is a horror booth thought up by my fellow classmates last January. Many of us decided to go with a lounge booth, yet majority preferred the horror booth. As the days passed by, some of my classmates started buying the necessary materials to build the booth. Our location was placed in two Grade 1 classrooms. A lot of us were excited about this and helped out prepare the props, costumes, etc. As I helped out in the preparations, we were all happy to work together as a class.

The day of the fair arrived and we opened our booth to everyone. Surprisingly, a lot came to our booth. It seems as that the people enjoyed going to horror booths. Eventually, more people came and we were forced to work double and triple time. In the end, we managed to earn a whooping P30,000 after a half-day of work on Saturday. This continued on until Sunday, thus making us the highest grossing booth in our batch.

After the fair, I felt happy that I was able to work with these kinds of people. I was also able to get along with new kinds of people as we were working in the booth. From this simple and creative activity, I was able to use my talents and abilities into making this booth a success, as well as the bond between each of us.

Total Number of Hours: 10


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