Thoughts on Beauty

Landscapes are a form of art and beauty. Admiring the various sceneries can make a person feel at ease and comfort. Our interpretation of beauty varies from people to people and culture to culture. Beauty is like desert to our eyes.

We also see music as a form of art. The beauty of the notes being played by the pianist, and the sound being emitted from the piano itself is majestic. Going back to our ways of knowing, sense perception plays a big role in determining whether one has beauty. Our five senses, can tell many of these things.

Culture itself is an art. The beauty of the different sceneries and traditions that we see and hear from various kinds of people are truly inevitable. All of us are trying to learn and understand the different customs and actions that each community practices.

These 3 pictures are what I consider to be my thoughts on beauty. Culture, music, sceneries, and many others that one can consider as beauty. Our knowledge and ability to comprehend the natural world can lead us to see how beauty lives out in our everyday lives.

Sources of pictures:

*the link of the piano had an error (it came from Google Images) 🙂








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