CAS Reflection #15: Math Challenge

Last Friday, our teacher provided us with a simple math problem set to answer on. This problem set will help gauge how much math lessons we can recall. This is can also help me get to know the other members since we can help each other in solving. Some of the problems that I encountered were somewhat difficult. There were a few questions where I could not comprehend at all. Eventually, the teacher told us to stop and discuss the answers.

As we discussed the answers to the different problems, all of the members including myself were listening attentively. Some of us, including myself, wanted to volunteer in solving one of the problems. By doing so, we were able to interact with one another. I also felt that through this simple exercise, I managed to not only understand the difficult math questions, but also made new friends.

From this experience, I feel that teamwork and cooperation are key factors in having a great learning environment, so that all of us can learn and be happy at the same time.

Total Number of Hours: 1.5


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