Reflection on VC Conference (July 28, 2011)

During the video conference with Nehru World School, the students of each school were able to exchange ideas about their livelihood and culture of their respective countries’ religions. Most of the students were eager to exchange and discuss some of their ideas and thoughts to the other school.

As the students were talking to each other via video conference, the atmosphere of the conversation was very lively; it was somewhat formal, yet it felt that everyone is willing to talk more and share more. The tone of the conversation was friendly, in the sense that, both sides showed respect and listened to each other’s answers. Through the conference, I was able to learn that the one of the Nehru students consider “religion as the root of humanity”, while the Xavier participants said that “religion is a binding factor” for us Filipinos.

I think that for the next VC participants to make an effective dialogue, it will be best if both sides exchange an introduction about their countries historical and religion backgrounds. I believe that talking about each countries’ backgrounds is effective, so that each school can get a feel and understanding about each school. Thus, I can say that the recent video conference was another success for Xavier School.


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