CAS Reflection #16: AMC

Last August 4, a group of students were selected to compete in the Australian Math Competition (AMC) at St. Stephen’s High School. There were around 20 or more students that sat along with me, all of which are Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Unfortunately, the seniors seems to have the least number of participants. Nevertheless, this does not bother me since I am ready to showcase what I have learned the past years in my Math classes.

As the bus travels through the traffic, different math questions started to run in my head. I was both excited and nervous about the competition. When we arrived at the venue, I saw a lot of fellow students from other schools, who are also going to compete in this competition. We were then given room numbers for us to proceed to take the written competition.

The proctor gave us the signal to begin answering the test. As I opened the booklet with my questions, I started to answer. As I browse to the questions, they became harder and harder to a point that I could not comprehend anymore. As time continues to move, I became less interested in answering the questions due to its difficulty. Eventually, I left the classroom at the end of the time, without answering the remaining 10 items.

As we rode the bus on our way back to Xavier School, I realize that answering math questions at a whole new level is tough. However, this experience has thought me that I must practice harder in order to be proficient in any difficult math question.

Total Number of Hours: 5


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