CAS Reflection #17: Back to Tennis 2

Today was another day of tennis. I arrived at the tennis court very energetic and ready to play. I practiced the different strokes that I learned from the previous sessions. After 30 minutes of practicing, I played a game with my trainer.

The game will end once the first scores 8 points. I started the game with an easy serve since it was my first time playing a real game. The time lapses as my trainer and I continue to hit the ball back and forth across the court. It continued on for another half an hour, in which the score ended with 7-7, thus the game will end through a tie-breaker. In a tie-breaker, the player who scores the first 7 points and is leading by 2 points is declare the winner. From that point, I tried my best to hit the ball hard and accurately to win. Unfortunately, I lost the tie-breaker, yet I was satisfied from my first experience playing a real tennis game.

This experience has given me a sense of perseverance. I feel that this sport is something that I can achieve and be good at. The drive-feeling of playing tennis really makes me want to continue playing until I am able to beat my trainer in one game.

Total Number of Hours: 2


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