SM Immersion Day 1: Sense Perception

As I started my first day at SM Supermarket (Megamall), I knew initially that there will be a lot of people doing several tasks. These people can range from the different customers to the SM employees like cashiers and baggers.

The SM Immersion was for me to experience the labor of a regular SM employee. I saw several employees wrapping and preparing different kinds of fresh food, stacking and refilling shelfs at the selling area, and packing the bought items of the customers (or shoppers). I was assigned at the check-out counter to pack the grocery items the customers bought.

As I was packing the grocery items, I will never miss hearing the clicking of the cash register and the repeated questions of the “SM Advantage card” that cashier will always ask from the customer. I also saw several people rushing down the selling area to buy the things they needed for their respective families. This made many of the check-out counters filled.

From what I saw, there were also customers who would have different preferences on how we should place their items in the bags. There were also customers who look happy and surprised at us being baggers and some usual customers that do not mind us.

At the end of Day 1, I was able to experience first-hand the position of an everyday worker at the SM Supermarket. For the next few days, I expect more surprises and experiences on the next 3 days of Immersion.


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