SM Immersion Day 2: Emotion

Day 2 of Immersion is full of new surprises and experiences. For the first part, I was assigned to be at the check-out counter. However, after “bagging” for almost half a day, I felt that I wanted to do something else, so I went inside the selling area and started the job as a fixed-asset “bagger”.

The job of a fixed-asset “bagger” is to collect all of the used carts and placed them back where the customers gets them. At first, it was very easy, since I just have to collect the carts and placed them back. However, as time passes, it becomes more boring and tiring as I moved back and forth putting back the carts. Being a fixed-asset “bagger” is tough as well. I felt that as I moved from one end to the other. I felt like a non-stop, moving pendulum.

As I continue to work, the SM employees felt happy that we are working side by side with them. Most of us got to talk with the cashiers and other employees about work inside the supermarket and many others. The conversations that each of us shared with the employees made the atmosphere feel pleasant.

After the second day, I felt not only satisfied with my work, but also happy that I was able to talk and make new friends at SM Supermarket. I look forward to the last few days of Immersion, since I want to make more friends and converse with them more.


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