SM Immersion Day 3: Reason

After 3 days of bagging grocery items at SM Supermarket, I had gained a lot of different experiences as an ordinary employee. These experiences helped me understand the difficult life of an ordinary worker at SM.

From the first day I came to SM, I was both excited and nervous about this whole Immersion. Initially, I thought that I would have to use a box to put all the grocery items since it was “No-Plastics Day”. I was not able to learn how to box properly, so I was worried. However, I was surprised that one of the regular baggers helped me in putting the items in the box. I was also tasked to pack and price vegetables, which was an easy, but strenuous task. Eventually, I was back to bagging and shifted from one check-out counter to another.

Based on what I have experience, I can say that “Service meets Experience”. Through this Immersion, where I learned the value of service, I gained the jump-start experience of an everyday worker. I now realize from this experience that I can truly become someone who can help and be of service to others.


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