Genetically Modified Foods

A genetically modified food (GMF) is derived from a genetically modified organism. The food can be substantially different from or essentially the same as the conventional food, in terms of of composition, nutrition, taste, smell, texture and functional characteristics.

Some benefits of GMF is that it can improve the taste, texture, nutritional value, and shelf life of the food. They can also become resistant against insecticides, pesticides, etc. However, its disadvantages include: risks of having allergic reactions due to unaccounted side effects in the alteration of the structure of the organism, which can further lead to diseases.

From my perspective, GMFs can both be beneficial and harmful to the body. It is possible to believe scientists and commercials about how certain GMFs are made, but it cannot be rest assured that it applies to all. Some GMFs make work or appeal to one individual, but not to another. Therefore, we should not be drawn too much by GMFs, but rather we should consider that eating naturally growing foods are much safer, than something that is chemically altered.


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